The time has never been better for a transition to a plant based diet.
Our mission is make our plant based deli style meats widely available. We believe that the better they taste the easier it will be for people to choose a healthier plant based life style. Vfoodz vegan meats are 100% plant based and delicious. We are tirelessly in pursuit of innovation in both texture and flavour. Our vegan meats make it easy to prepare meals for people and their families to enjoy.

Taste Always Comes First.

With the amazing growth in vegetarianism and veganism, we are excited to introduce our new online vegan products. We use 100% plant based ingredients; wheat gluten, chickpea flour and wonderful natural flavourings in our products.


NEW Sweet & Sour Chikkin (cook in a bag) 460g
NEW Peri Peri Chikken (cook in the bag) 460g
Taster Pack 750g **SPECIAL OFFER**
Schorizo - 250g
Bakon - 250g
Peparona 250g
Spicy Pressata Italian Style -350g
Crispy Duq -250g
BBQ rack1
BBQ Rack -250g
Grilled Steak -250g

Innovation is our keyword.

If you miss the convenience and textures of meat or are becoming vegetarian or vegan these are a perfect meat substitute. Our gourmet deli style vegan meats are beautifully crafted and suitable for home freezing. Easy meat free meals.

We are often asked why make a meat substitute? It’s because many vegetarians and vegan enjoy the taste and texture of meat and have grown up eating it. Their reasons for changing to a plant based diet is ethical. We do not wish to see the suffering of animals just to nourish our bodies.

Preparation – culinary driven innovation:

Our vegan friendly meats have a high, balanced protein content derived from plant based ingredients. We have taken away the difficulty of having to prepare these products yourself by providing a delicious and satisfying range. Check out our vegan streaky bakun (bacon), vegan grilled steak, vegan Chorizo, vegan crispy duq (duck), vegan bbq rack with a sticky sauce.

All our plant based meats can be lightly grilled on the barbecue, fried or heated in the oven (especially on pizza). Making it easy to create a wonderful range of recipes.

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